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  • Cull the Heard at Trees on 09/12/14

    DMS and Davon Says presents REAP WHAT YOU SOW! at Trees!!! Sept 12. Divine Retribution Word to the Wise Allison Red Crimson Veil Cull the Heard Wake the Dreamless!

  • Cull the Heard “BATTLE FOR KNOTFEST!” at Tomcats West on 09/27/14

    Hey HEARD!!! This show is going to be so exciting! We win this show we go to San Bernidino, CA to perform in the largest metal show ever! Slipknot, Five Finger, Killswitch, Anthrax, Danzig, Hell Yeah, Hatebreed, so many name!!! This would be a dream come true and definitely top of the list for any […]

ALBUM: Reap the Harvest